"i love my mother very much but she’s also an enabler of my fathers behavior so i try not to talk to her about someone until i know it’s serious"
"i used to think i knew what it was - but did i? how could i when i coudln't manage to be enough - and i don’t say that to sound self deprecating but it’s the fucking truth? but this connection i wanted, this connection i craved, it was all in my damn head. and then i questioned my sanity. but this? i would question my sanity forever for the moments i'm feeling now."
"i still feel the sting, so when i think about them and i can still feel that anguish that i felt ... when i can still get back to that place - it sure feels like i want to regret them. but i don’t. "
"my apathy has gotten me in trouble more times than i care to admit. so i try to be better but it doesn’t often work, i can’t really rewire that for all things"
"i mean ... it’s always scary. it’s been scary this entire time but that doesn’t really stop me from thinking or looking ahead"
"what’s the point of a relationship if it isn’t long term? if it’s just short term fun, let me reset. i’m not naive, with or without promises, i’m aware that heartbreak is on the line"
"no one has ever set me completely on fire like you have. i think you’re the love of my life and if we don’t work? that will never change."
"i always want you to say and ask whatever you want. your candidness is something i value. but it did make me pause and wonder if i was being inconsiderate, so i'm just sort of musing over that"
"you’re honest and truthful but in a way that’s palatable and real. you never make me feel bad or judged and we can laugh about silly stuff and gush over our luck. i just really enjoy our friendship and i hope you always know"
"i literally don't have anything to say and it just feels uncomfortable to me"
"maybes it is just me and you’re right - my perception is my reality until something alters and the beautiful thing about reality is that it’s ever changing"
"i wasn’t trying to say we weren’t friends. i’ve told you so many times that i never wanted a reality were we weren’t friends"
"i never want to know a bed that isn't ours, i want you forever and sometimes saying that outloud makes my throat tigtehn up because it means that you have such a hold on my heart"
"i think, at the end of it, i only keep those types of friends close to me. friends that really shake your life, challenge you, make you better. i think we're all operating at a specific vibration and we're just looking for those other stars that exist on that same level"
"it just sort of feels like things aligned and you're being given this glimpse into something extraordinary. i think it's important to foster and nourish the relationship though, to make it reaches that level, but sometimes you meet people and you just know"
"i still don’t think that means he’s not into you but i do think it means that he’s not very emotionally mature and you deserve more"
"his ego is bruised but that’s not your fault. he cannot set those boundaries and then punish you for staying inside them, it’s not fair and you shouldn’t carry the burden of that"
"people respond to being hurt in a lot of ways. if in a couple of days, a week, he's still giving you the silent treatment ... well, then you know a lot about him that you didn't before. someone's inability to forgive or see the other said of things says a lot"
"he's my roommate, actually. or one of them. and he moved in at the end of march and the attraction was instant for me. literally the moment i met him i couldn't think of much besides him. and then conversation kept happening, kept going, never stopped ... "
"i haven't really picked a fight with him yet. i haven't wanted to ... nor does he let me really"
"my favorite thing about it is that she truly is my friend again. she understands my insecurities, because she lived through them, and really helps me push beyond them when i'm doubting."