"100 bucks that this a real thing. art via ejaculation. you just stand masturbating over the canvas. color gets added in after the fact. you're the new jackson pollock"
"maybe hypothetically i am a goner. this a bold assumption on your part and therefore you're disqualified and the contest is over. thank you playing."
"i'm oddly emotional at my "if i were into dudes" status in your life. like choked up. and listen, you all are the assholes who moved so i've got no sympathy for your cold"
"i think your assessment of this being selfish and cruel is fair. i don't know how to right that. i apologized at the time, recognizing that perhaps my motives were selfish but i don't feel like i can atone for that unless i also want to tell him why i held off. he doesn't know how i feel, or maybe he has a guess but doesn't really know. he's likely put together his own narrative. but he's also told me that it was okay. and i spend a lot of my time not believing what other people tell me."
"what about that opening statement indicated that i wanted to fight? what was it about my previous attempts to talk to that indicated i wanted space? it feels like you're adjusting reality to fit your own narrative. and you know what, sure you apologized but then you came at me with the "it really hurt that you weren't there for me when i needed you, so" line? what in the actual hell?"
"he told me i 'potential' and something about that really fucking sucked"
"you're right. you're right. i just need to accept the fact that i don't really get over people and lmao maybe do a better job of not getting under them in the fucking first place"
"you can't deny natural and unchecked connection so i'm glad you're of that mind set. you have a lot to offer anyone who grabs your attention, regardless of gender, and i hope you know that somewhere"
" i was looking for hug gifs to send you but a lot of them where like ... is that dude is sniffing her hair? and while you know -- probably, i wasn't just gonna put it out there like that"
"i buckle under attention and don't tend to think people are genuine in their flattery attempts"
"that i'm in a constant need of reassurance? that i'll always question things a little? how do you not find that annoying?"
"i can't imagine that there's a single person on this planet who, once they know you, wouldn't consider you a viable option. so i don't know what that's about but i do know that all of this, whatever this black cloud is that is swirling around these situations, you're not at fault for it. you won't ever to get to believe that you actually agree with your parents about this. you deserve more than what they had to offer, it's not the other way around"
"yes i want to be with him, that's never in question. i love him beyond measure."
"i'm at this point where i'm not worried about whatever happens. like i'm always just me and that's either enough or its not but i can't control the way that other people think or feel."
"thats a really unfair twist. but initially, i didn't say anything because i didn't think you wanted anything but casual from me. and i let you make your own choices"