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to Franki Halperin

What feels more stupid than apologizing when you aren't in the wrong? I don't think you'd approve of a lot of stuff over the past couple of months.

I need to step back in a huge way. Cannon needs to come first. And I'd like to finish my doctoral thesis sometime this century and that's been lower on my list of priorities lately... which is truly fucked. This isn't me turning my back on anyone, it's me realizing when I've been taken for a fool.

Love you and miss you always.

- now he saves his notes and shuts his computer down and tells the dogs it's time for bed. it's over. everything that's been preoccupying him has been forcibly removed from his list of priorities, and it's never going back.

cannon should be what his world revolves around. cannon is his world, his best friend, the most important part of his family now. there's no room for anything else to take precedence again; he never should have let it happen in the first place.

he lifts his sleeping husband's arm and slides beneath it, his own winding around the other man's waist as tightly as if he thinks they can fuse, and he murmurs quietly to him as he settles down to sleep.

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maybe nellie is short for nelephant 🐶
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in steven universe, they fuse and two things become one thing.

so he's heard. jareth doesn't watch cartoons often.

they fuse and they become one thing and if people could do it, jareth rocheforte would never exist as an individual again. he's better with cannon, he's always better with cannon, everything is better with cannon.

for almost six months, jareth's only issue with the world is that he and cannon can't literally fuse into one being, but now -

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11 May 2018 at 06:30
from now on, you're going to be completely aware of how obsessed i am with you all the time. you'll be completely aware of how in love with you i always have been and always will. i'll tell you and show you until you're sick of it, but i promise you i won't make you feel the way i've made you feel ever again. and i have a feeling that you'll instinctively want to apologize but i need you not to do that. i need you to accept that this is all on me, and i hope that you can forgive me for being a monumental fuck up and a wreck for the past while.